Hanut Singh Gusain

Hanut Singh Gusain

Software Architect, Language Agnostic Hacker, Scalable systems engineer, Musician and more...

I am an experienced cloud systems architect, business analyst and tech entrepreneur, seasoned tech lead for solutions in multiple business domains including marketing, FnB, telecom, VoIP and hospitality as well as IoT. I have almost 7 years of experience in the web and mobile development industry.

My primary area of work has been Software Architecture for highly scalable systems, overseeing the setup of DevOps workflows, working with stakeholders in the capacity of a Business Analyst and managing/training agile teams of 10 - 20 developers/designers working on cloud-based systems.

If you have an idea that you are passionate about, I can help you turn it into a market ready product that will get <3.

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