S. Gusain


Hanut Singh Gusain

CM2 - 1201, Supertech Capetown,

Sector 74, Noida, 201301





Experienced cloud systems architect, business analyst and tech entrepreneur. Seasoned tech lead for solutions in multiple business domains including marketing, FnB, telecom, VoIP and hospitality as well as IoT. I have almost 7 years of experience in the web and mobile development industry. My primary area of work has been Software Architecture for highly scalable systems, overseeing the setup of DevOps workflows, working with stakeholders in the capacity of a Business Analyst and managing/training agile teams of 10 - 20 developers/designers working on cloud-based systems.


  • Team Management - Managing teams of 10-20 devs in high stress environments and tight delivery schedules.
  • Strong team building and interpersonal skills as well as client facing skills.
  • Full stack software development (mobile and web front ends plus backend).
  • Designing scalable cloud services and web and mobile apps that consume the services.
  • Identifying talent as well as overseeing recruitment and training.
  • Cost reduction strategies and product feasibility analysis.
  • Decentralisation strategies for legacy systems.
  • Technology agnostic system design and architecture.
  • Have worked with most VCS and am adept at working with most git based flows.
  • Working knowledge of DevOps. Have worked on deploying custom CI/CD pipelines.
  • Proficient in NodeJS,  PHP,  HTML/CSS/SASS/JavaScript and Bash.
  • Sufficiently versed in RoR, Groovy/Grails , Java, GoLang, Rust, Shell scripting, Python
  • Adept at Angular 1/Angular 7, VueJs, Ionic2/3 and have worked with most modern CSS/SASS/LESS frameworks.
  • Mobile – Android SDK and Cordova, Basic knowledge of Swift/Objective C.
  • Databases – MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, ArangoDB.
  • Have worked with AWS, Digital Ocean and MS Azure clouds.
  • Windows, Unix under Windows, Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS/Fedora,  OSX.


PatchUS Communications Pvt. Ltd./ C.T.O.


Designing a super scale voice and text communications platform, managing a team of highly skilled web/mobile/design engineers, setting up and overseeing the development of a custom one click deploy CI/CD pipeline.

Also responsible for product management, HR administration, client management and strategic planning.



Worked on multiple projects spanning a range of business domains including the hospitality industry, F&B, Healthcare industry, education sector, recreation industry, IoT,  Jewellery industry, lifestyle industry, ecommerce and more. Worked with in house as well as client teams and coordinated sales as well as software development. (Business Analyst)

RASP Corporation / V.P. Engineering

OCT 2015 - APRIL 2016,  DEHRADUN

Oversee and train a group of highly skilled software devs working on the latest languages and platforms.(MEAN stack/ LEMP stack / ELK stack).
Manage DevOps processes and handle Architecture Design.

Pakzinc Technologies Pvt. Ltd. / FOSS Consultant

MAY 2013 - JULY 2013,  DEHRADUN (Remote Work)

WIPRO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. / Project Engineer (Mainframe)

MAY 2012 - APRIL 2013,  PUNE


A.S.E.T. (Amity University Noida) / B.Tech CS&E

2008- 2012,  Noida

Amity BSI / Six Sigma Green Belt

2010, NOIDA

Amity BSI / LEAN Management

2011, NOIDA.